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Years 5 and 6 Autumn Term 2023

Welcome back 
As always we are excited to welcome the children back into school and looking forward to the year ahead. We will be learning about the world wars, Vikings, Light and much more.  There will be lots of reading, lots of writing and a lot of maths.  Full details of what we are learning this year can be found on the long term and medium term plans. 
Throughout the year, there will be lots of visits to support our learning and some key sports events that children will be able to participate in.  This is after the residential to Grenville House in the first week back at school with Mr Driscoll. 
Key Dates
Tuesday 5th September ~ UKS2 residential
Thursday 12th October ~ Market Hall trip
Tuesday 21st November ~ Y5 Widening Horizons trip to Murray 
Friday 8th December ~ Whole School Mass - Holy Day of Obligation
Thursday 14th December ~ Christmas Lunch and Carol Service in the evening
Monday 18th December ~ Christmas Movie Night
Tuesday 19th December ~ Whole School Mass 
Tuesday 19th December ~ Last day of term
Medium Term plans 
Please see our medium term plan to see what we will be learning for the first part of the Autumn term. 
Please see below the spellings that the children will be learning and will be tested on for the first part of the Autumn term.  
Useful links to support our learning this term: