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What is MFL?
MFL stands for Modern Foreign Languages. At the Cathedral School of St. Mary we teach Spanish on a formal basis to all children in Key Stage Two (Years 3-6). 

Why is it important to teach MFL?
We recognise that our families come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Likewise, we recognise that we live in a diverse world and therefore, the importance of developing a deeper understanding of the languages around us. Our MFL curriculum ensures that children develop their knowledge of where different languages, including the range of home languages spoken by the families of the school, as well as Spanish, are spoken in the world. We celebrate multiculturalism and ensure that languages are celebrated throughout the school community whilst providing a context for language learning. 

When is MFL taught?
Spanish is taught on a weekly basis to all children in Key Stage Two. Our MFL provision is taught by an external company: PPA Cover Ltd.

In the EYFS and Key Stage One, whilst we do not teach MFL directly, we celebrate the culture and language of all pupils in our care and encourage curiosity from children about the different languages that they are exposed to throughout their day to day life.

What do we learn about in MFL?
Please see the attached Spanish Year overview which gives an outline of the themes covered on a termly basis.

Whole School Overview