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The Staff

Mrs R Wright

Executive Head Teacher

Mr D Moore

Executive Deputy Head

Mrs L Bemand


Mrs N Berry

Year 5&6 teacher

Mr T Driscoll

Year 3&4 teacher

Miss J Galloghly

Year 2 teacher

Miss K Toms

Year 1 teacher

Miss N Grosch

EYFS teacher (EYFS)

Mrs J Ellard

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss K Kirk

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Nankivell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Holloway

Teaching Assistant

Miss Morrison

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Gills

KS2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Ami Cooper

Teaching Assistant

Mr Reegan Parker

PE Apprentice

Ms K Hawkin

Senior Administrator

Mrs T Cook

Parent Support Advisor

Mrs M Penelrick


Miss J Morrison


Miss K Campbell


Miss V Read


Mr J Dodd

Breakfast club assistant/MTA

Mrs Sam Quinton

Kitchen Manager

Mrs L Haworth

Kitchen assistant & Breakfast club manager