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Religious Education

Why is Religious Education important?
Jesus is at the centre of all that we do in the Cathedral School. Through our Religious Education lessons, we aim to awaken and strengthen the children's understanding of their relationship with Jesus, opening them to His love. 
Our lessons focus on the all aspects of Catholic life; from learning about the importance and power of prayer, to the teachings of Jesus and their interpretation in the modern world.
Our school is devoted to living the life that Jesus wants us to lead and so we ensure that our learning environments are reflective and celebrative. We are lucky to be able to use Plymouth Cathedral on a regular basis work closely with Canon Mark O'Keeffe to enhance the children's experience of Jesus' Love.
We aim for every child to leave our school with a universal love and nurturing spirit, accepting of all. We learn about other world religions and celebrate the diverse cultures of God's creation.
For more information please see Our Catholic Community.
When is Religious Education taught?
Religious Education forms 10% of our weekly timetable. This equates to 2 hours for children in EYFS and KS1 and 2.5 hours for children in KS2. This does not include time dedicated to worship or prayer.
How is Religious Education taught?
At The Cathedral School, we use the Age-Related expectations to plan learning opportunities for our children. These are a description of what is expected of pupils by the time they reach the end of a phase. The phases are:

  • 4-5 years
  • 5-7 years
  • 7-11 years
Within the standards, there are three sections:

AT1: Knowledge and Understanding (learning about Religion)

AT2: Engagement and Response (learning from Religion)

AT3: Analysis and Evaluation
 Whole School Overview
Religious Education Curriculum Directory, Religious Education which is primarily taught through the ‘Come and See’ programme of work. It is taught through the process of Explore, Reveal and Respond. We dedicate one week per term to the teaching of other world religions including Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.
In preparation for the new Religious Education Directory - 'To Know You More Clearly' (Statutory from September 2025), our EYFS and Years 3 and 4 Class are both in their first year of delivering a new curriculum that focuses on the new documentation.

The classes units are taught termly and cover six branches being; Creation and Covenant, Prophecy and Promise, Galilee to Jerusalem, Desert to Garden, To the Ends of the Earth and Encounter and Dialogue. The school is working closely with both Plymouth and Clifton Diocese to write the materials for this curriculum. Please see the relevant classes for more details.
Religious Education Intent