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Why is Computing / ICT important?

Through computing, we not only learn to use technology purposefully and effectively, but become aware of the underlying processes involved, helping us to understand how best to apply skills safely and ethically. Learning about control systems and robots increases awareness of many of the operating systems we use to manage our everyday lives.
The internet helps us to rapidly access ideas and experiences from a wide range of individuals, communities, countries and cultures.

In computing, we develop essential skills for life in a digital age, learning to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

When is Computing / ICT taught?

Computing / ICT is taught primarily linked to thematic units. The overview opposite maps out which thematic units feature this subject and the Long-Term Plan (also opposite) clearly shows the objectives taught.

How is Computing / ICT taught?

Computing / ICT is taught through a combination of subject knowledge and development of specific skills and competencies. Learning takes place mainly inside the classroom.

What do we learn about in Computing / ICT?

We learn about the following: Programming, Networking, Sequencing, Multimedia, Data Handling, Presentations, Word Processing, Animation, Email, E-Safety, Computer-Aided Design, Research, Podcasts, Sound FX

Computing Overview
Computing Long-Term Plan
Computing Intent
Computing Gallery