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School Uniform

Accessories: All long hair should be tied back and hair accessories should be plain and either green, brown or black to match our uniform. Hair bands should not have large flowers or other decorations attached.

Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. The use of styling products should be kept to a minimum and children should not have decorative patterns cut into their hair or have hair coloured or dyed.

Jewellery:  stud style earrings and watches (no smart watches or watches that can take photos) are permitted. No bracelets, necklaces or rings unless for religious reasons. If this is the case please discuss this with your class teacher.

Nail polish and make up is not permitted.

We kindly request your cooperation in ensuring that your child comes to school dressed in the prescribed uniform on all school days. 

In cases where there may be genuine reasons for not wearing the uniform (e.g. unforeseen circumstances, health issues), please let your teachers know. However, we encourage regular adherence to the uniform policy to maintain a cohesive and positive school environment.

We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding the school uniform policy, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

The school is aware of the cost of uniform and acknowledges the guidance from the DFE to ensure uniform is affordable for all. Any parents needing support with sourcing uniform can contact our PSA, Mrs Cook, who will be able to help. 

 Second-hand uniforms

We have lots of good quality second-hand uniform in school if you wish to look through, or contact Mrs Cook our Schools Parent Support Advisor to arrange a collection.

You can order uniform that has our school logo on for a reduced cost.