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Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital is defined as the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success.
At The Cathedral School, we strongly believe that Cultural Capital provides key ingredients which a child can draw upon to be successful in society, their career and in future employment. We endeavour to provide all children with the education, skills and knowledge to enable this.
Every child has a 15 Experiences Passport, which is stamped and records the visits and experiences that they have had across their time at the school. At the end of Year 6 the children will be given their passport as a record and memento of their time with us. Many children are on their second passports.
Experiences are varied and include the Widening Horizons programme for Year 5, which explores the world of work and Inspire Me visits across all year groups, facilitated by Babcock. Both these are funded and organised by Millfields Inspired.
Other visits include The Box, The Houses of Parliament, The Theatre Royal, Plymouth Central Library and The National Aquarium. Children have also enjoyed taking part in a dance workshop, World Book Day, celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee and the King's coronation. They have watched chicks hatch and been involved with British Art Show 9. Years 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 have been on Residentials and there has even been a sleepover in school.
We will continue to provide as many varied experiences as we can in the coming years.