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Parent Support Advisor


My name is Tracy Cook and I’m a proud Mum of 4.

I attended the Cathedral School myself many years ago, and feel privileged to be back. 

I have been working here since February 2013, so many of you already know me.

I do like to have a laugh and a giggle and I like to think I’m quite down to earth and approachable.

I have four children and as you can imagine I have experienced most things child related.  I have also worked in class so have a fair knowledge of how things are done in class.

I am always happy to help you and give you advice.  If I don’t have the answers I will get it for you.


My job is very much parent led; you are very important to your children, to me and to the school.  I am here to help, if I am unable to help directly, I might know of an agency or support network that can support you and your family, through life’s challenges. 

I am able to offer support in the following areas:

  • Provide information about services and sources of help.
  • Express your concerns, questions, viewpoint and praise to the school.
  • Attend meetings with you, for moral support, to ask questions or to take notes.
  • Help complete forms/paperwork.
  • Help you understand and manage referrals.


There are many more ways in which I may be able to assist, please feel free to contact me.  No matter how small your concern, if something is worrying you then talk about it, hopefully, we can resolve it.