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EYFS Autumn Term 2023

Welcome! We are excited for your child to start their school journey with us!
The Autumn term is all about settling in. The children will be exploring both our inside and outside spaces and becoming used to the routines of our classroom, and the school as a whole. The children will become familiar with whole school expectations. The children will be learning, and developing their understanding of our school rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe.
 Our topic's are 'Happy to be me!' and 'If you go down to the Woods'. The first topic will be all about the children, and getting to know them, and each other. The second topic will be about woods and all the animals and plants that might live there. We will finish the term exploring Christmas.
We will begin our daily RWInc phonic sessions. The children will learn a new sound each day and begin to put sounds together to read words like c-a-t is 'cat'. It would be wonderful if you could support this process at home, by reading with your children every day for just a few minutes. This is vitally important and will enable your children to make fantastic progress with their reading. 
In Maths, we will be exploring and ordering numbers up to 5. We will find different ways to represent numbers and begin to form numbers. We will then go on to the concepts for more than and fewer than, comparing numbers and then exploring 2D and 3D shapes. 
In R.E, we are following a new curriculum. This is being put together in partnership between the Diocese of Plymouth and Clifton. To begin with, we will be learning about Creation and Covenant - looking at how the world was made, and how we have been made special,  in God's image. Prophecy and Promise. This looks at the promise we were given for Jesus as well as exploring the wonder of the  Christmas story.
We will also start learning our school prayers, as well as visiting the Cathedral and begin attending Mass.
Key Dates
04.09.23 - 07.09.23 - EYFS staggered start
08.09.23 - EYFS in full time
08.11.23/09.11.23 - Parents Evenings
11.12.23 - Austen from the Library in to read to EYFS
14.12.23 - Cathedral Christmas Dinner
15.12.23 - EYFS Advent afternoon
Listen to a story together. 
Lots of maths and literacy games

Problem solving reasoning and numeracy
Visit the world with Barnaby Bear! 
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