This year's successes

15th July 2014

By now you will have received your child’s school report for 2014. We hope that you are delighted to read of your child’s successes as we all are. It looks a little different from previous reports - we would welcome your comments. If you have any questions or concerns please come in and make an appointment to see your class teacher who will be happy to discuss it with you.
The year has been very successful for the whole school and we would like to share some of those successes with you.

The Foundation Stage
Mrs Dauny has carried out assessments to see the progress of our Early Years Foundation Stage.  They are a great group of children and this is reflected in the outcomes. 
There has been great improvement across all areas of the curriculum. Children should achieve expected or above in all three prime areas and literacy and maths to reach a good level of development. We are delighted with the progress, especially in maths and particularly with so many of the class being EAL. GLD for this year’s cohort = 56.5% - an improvement on last year  and above the national average (2013).
Year 1 Phonics screening has also improved tremendously from last year with 88% exceeding the required standard. All children re-screened in Year 2, have now exceeded the standard. Well done Mrs Dauny and the phonics teaching team!

End of Key Stage 1
Year 2 have just completed their SATs moderation. The moderators were highly impressed by the in school moderations that had taken place and the range of evidence presented particularly in reading.

The children far exceeded our targets and achieved:

Reading L2+ 100% with 25% L3

Writing L2+ 87% with 25% L3

Maths L2+ 100% with 13% L3

Level 2 is the national expectation for a child leaving Key Stage 1. Level 3 exceeds the expectation. These results, whilst above our targets, are also well above the national expectations.
The results for KS1 2014 Teacher Assessments are very pleasing with Mr Parry and Ms Glover getting the very best out of every child! Congratulations to our Key Stage One team and of course the children.

End of Key Stage 2 SATs

Again the children exceeded our tatrgets:

Reading L4+ 94% L5 44%

Writing L4+ 75% L5 13%

Maths L4+ 94% L5 31% L6 13%

The level 4 results reflect the national expectation for a child leaving primary school. Level 5 is beyond what is expected and level 6 is just an amazing achievement!

As was shared at the Governor’s Committee, the school has met and surpassed its targets and have been well above the national expectations. Well done Mr Driscoll and Mrs Ellard!

These results are a reflection of great work done across the school; well done to all our staff for their hard work and dedication but particularly to our wonderful children. We never forget how privileged we are to play a part in their successes but never forget also that it is not all about results. Visitors to our school comment frequently on the good behaviour, kindness and welcome that they receive here and we marvel at their love of learning and curiosity.

Thank you all for your great support and we look forward to another super year of learning at The Cathedral School!

Bernadette Kennedy
Head of Learning