Pupil Sports Funding 2014 / 2015 Action Plan



Person responsible


Success Criteria



Membership to Sporting Events.


T Driscoll

PSSP Membership


Increased participation in sporting competitions based on the 2013/14 season.

LTP made with teachers to establish sporting competition commitments.

Every class to take part in at least one Intra Competition.

Employment of a club provider for increased participation of KS1 and KS2 sporting clubs.


T Driscoll

Allowance of £2000 to be subsidised by parents if needed.

Increased participation of sports, especially in KS1 through focused provision.

TD to work in close collaboration with club provider to ensure curriculum objectives are met and children are being given a range of opportunities.

90% of children taking part in a school sports club at some point in the year.

General update / replacement of old / worn out / lost equipment.


T Driscoll

Approximate - £800

+ Sainsbury’s Vouchers based on Summer 2 Audit


Staff have efficient access to resources so that they are better used and time is not wasted

Termly check on storage

Planning shows greater variety of equipment being used in lessons.

Transport to and from events in larger numbers where private transport cannot be arranged.

T Driscoll and one other to obtain minibus license.


T Driscoll


£250 Fuel


£250 for emergency coach hire for whole class / school events.


License approximately £1500


Staff have sufficient access to external tournaments.

Termly check on transport needed and availability

T Driscoll obtains license. Chn take part in more tournaments.

Provision of a suitable Sports Day Location


T Driscoll

£200 for Brickfields Hire.