Year 5/6 Residential Trip

Monday 5th June
Rain?  What rain?
We've been having such a great time at Warren Barn, that we've hardly noticed the odd drop of cool precipitation.
Having settled into our lovely accommodation, we set off for an action-packed afternoon of team-building activities, from bridge-building to a blind-folded forest trail.  It was great to see such positive learning behaviours.  'Independence' and 'Aspiration' were in abundance!
Check out the photos...
Tuesday 6th June
We've had another action-packed day, with a woodland trek to nearby Occumbe Farm.  During the morning, we made delicious pizzas at the cookery school, topped with hand-picked herbs from the kitchen garden.  Who'd have thought you could put a marigold on a pizza?  Mmmmm!
This afternoon we met the farm animals: Spout, Carrot, and Turnip, the friendly lambs; Bramley and Pippin, two rare-breed pigs; Bubbles and Peewee, the cheeky goats, and (last but certainly not least) Percy, the majestic rooster.  
Later this evening we're setting off with our torches for a local 'Bat Walk' - followed by hot chocolate, biscuits and a much-anticipated long, deep sleep!  :-)
Wow!  What a great experience - watching Pipiestrelle Bats in the grounds of Cockington Village.
Wednesday 7th June
Finally, the sun decided to come out this morning for our sea-kayaking adventure at Goodrington. Having squeezed and wriggled ourselves into wetsuits and buoyancy aids, we paddled enthusiastically (in pairs) around the picturesque bay, stopping to watch the steam train as it chugged along the coastline.
The afternoon was spent in the park and on the beach, eating ice-creams and making sand-sculptures.
In the evening we held our auditions for the Year 5/6 end-of-year production and even had a go at the 'mannequin challenge'.
We enjoyed visits form Mrs Kennedy and Mr Cotter, who were both impressed by the children's enthusiasm, behaviour and willingness to try new challenges.
Thursday 8th June
Our morning of den-building was highly appropriate this morning - as we gained first-hand experience of designing and building a shelter from natural, found materials, to protect us from the wind and rain.   We also learnt about how to survive in the wilderness, choosing from a variety essential items to sustain life.
This afternoon, we learnt how to safely build and maintain a fire - celebrating the results by toasting marshmallows.
We are looking forward to our talent show this evening, followed by a night-walk in the woods.  Torches at the ready...
Who'd have thought that Warren Barn could host quite so much incredible talent?  Inspired by the recent 'Britain's Got Talent' final, we saw a variety of acts from magicians and dancers through to comedians and singers.
Two scarily-accurate impressions of Mrs Archer had everyone laughing, whilst some inspired magic kept us guessing.  There was also a respectful and empathetic tribute in memory of those affected by the recent events in Manchester and London. 
Our night-walk took us, once again, to nearby Cockington, where we were excited to see the bats, in addition to hundreds of tiny frogs on the edge of the huge pond.  Following a competition to see who could do the best duck impression, we then performed a dazzling light display, using our torches as the sun set.