Science Week 2016

14th March 2016
The Cathedral School of St Mary's seventh annual 'Science Week' was a huge success. The week was school based starting with a visit from two local guide dogs: and their handlers, of course. This precurser whetted the children's appetite for the rest of the fun-filled, hands-on and exploratory day, in each classroom: Class 1 Plants; Class 2 Materials; Class 3 Space; and Class 4 Senses (a great link with the guide dog visit).
We hope all children, parents, governors and staff enjoyed the exhibition that was put on in the playground at the end of the week. The children certainly took the lead and were only too eager to discuss, explain and demonstrate some of the aspects of science they had learned throughout the week.
Below are some comments made by parents and children:
'I love the rocket. Can we launch it again?' Pola (age 6)
'The guide dogs are amazing.' Danny (age 10)
'I didn't know that there were nine planets." Oliviah (age 8)
'These activities are so interesting. Thank you for providing this for the children.' a mum (age?)