Pupil Sports Funding Report 2015


Spending for: September 2014 – July 2015 - £8470 PE Funding Budget & Impact to date:





Plymouth School Sports Partnership. PE Specialist Teacher support and Lesson Coaching: netball, hockey, bench-ball.

Sports Festivals inc tag rugby and athletics. Participation – hockey, netball and football. Planning is given to the class teacher & PE Coordinator to support CPD and inform assessment.

Subject Leader support.

Resource hire


The use of the PSSP has enabled us to continue the development of PE and Sport across the school this year. Our Link Coordinator, Howard Turner has provided networking links and arranged such schemes as the Bronze Ambassador award (we failed to gain the Silver Award by one mark and are determined that this should not happen again this year). The PSSP membership has allowed us to join more events, with both  19 KS1 and KS2 events attended by the Cathedral School including the Plymouth Half Marathon Schools Challenge.

We have been provided with specialist coaches for Rowing in the past but this is an area that still requires further development.







Supplementary Swimming Lessons


Y3, 4 receive swimming lessons as part of the school’s curriculum every year. This year we have provided further swimming lessons to Y5 and those in Y6 that had not yet met the 25m swimmer level that we are setting as a goal for all our school leavers.

In addition we participated in the ‘swim safe’ programme which aims to increase children’s ability and safety to swim in open waters.

Last year we measured the percentages for each Year group who are swimming 25m and these are shown below;


Y3 – 1/13 = 7%

Y4 – 4/15 = 26%

Y5 – 8/17 = 47%


However measuring in this way is difficult due to the high percentage of children joining or leaving the school. So this year, in addition to the above continuing, we will use all avenues to ensure that Y6 children leaving our school will all be able to swim at least 25m.



Academy Soccer Coaching Afterschool Club



This club continued in the autumn term but numbers were not consistent and interest was more from KS1 than KS2 so in the spring and summer terms we provided this through PAFC.



Bike It



The Bike it scheme is an LA affiliated incentive aimed at improving awareness of the bike safety and the benefits of sustainable travel. We continue to work widely with Ryan our Sustrans Bike Officer.

We again won the Bike It challenge and received 4 super scooters to encourage active play in the playground.





Balanceability is organized and supported by the PSSP. Their aim is to ensure all children in KS1 can ride a bike. This was a great success this year with 100% of children riding a bike upon the schemes completion.









The minibus has been used several times to allow children to access a wide range of events and to allow equal opportunities for all our children.





Extensive resourcing of playground equipment

Foundation stage physical equipment.

Hiring of Brickfields for Sports Day

Purchase of audio system for sporting events

Hiring of additional transport for events inc. residential trip Supplementary swimming (TBC)






This provision is constantly under review and is monitored by the SLT and Governors.