Primary Sports Funding - 2013 / 2014 review

In addition to the £3,500 PSSP membership fees and £500 budgeted for additional affiliated activities the break down of costings for the 2013/2014 year are as follows;



Person responsible


Success Criteria



Better systems of storage of PE equipment and update as needed.


T Driscoll


Time to organise resources better.

Cost TBC after equipment audit and analysis of new curriculum (Approximate - £2500)






Staff have efficient access to resources so that they are better used and time is not wasted

Termly check on storage

Planning shows greater variety of equipment being used in lessons.

Update PE consumables as needed


T Driscoll

Sainsbury’s vouchers + £500

Appropriate equipment is available to utilise new planning resources

Termly check on usage

New equipment being used

Better availability of playground equipment for children to use in their free time.


T Driscoll



Children undertake survey of what they would like to see in the playground and also in terms of playground leadership / instructions to help their understanding and independence during free time.

Termly check of condition of equipment and also rotate activities to ensure they do not become obsolete.

Children’s enjoyment and behaviour during free time is improved.

Transport to and from events in larger numbers where private transport cannot be arranged.

T Driscoll to obtain minibus license.


T Driscoll


£400 + £150 for training.


Staff have sufficient access to external tournaments.

Termly check on transport needed and availability

T Driscoll obtains license. Chn take part in more tournaments.