New Foundation 2020

During these unprecedented times, you may be feeling worried about your child starting school. 
Please do not worry. 
Things you can do to help
Getting dressed and undressed and using the toilet independently are key skills which can be encourage at home. The simple things can be really helpful, too: getting familiar with numbers, letters and sounds, singing nursery rhymes, and just doing things with your children like baking, getting out in the garden if you have one and simply chatting with them. 
Parents often underestimate the value of talking with their children, and that's something preschool children who are at home might get a lot more of. 
How to talk to your child are the change in plans
Things are uncertain at the moments, but this doesn't need to affect the way you talk about transition with children of this age. They don't need to know that things aren't happening the way they would do normally. The conversation can be as simple as "we're waiting for a message to tell us when you're going to start school, isn't that really exciting?"
And it really is exciting, for them and for us as a school family. We can't wait to meet you.