Welcome to Julia Donaldson Class

  • Mrs Sharon Brooks

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Deborah Sheikh

    Teaching Assistant

Key Dates
02.05.2019: Foundation Parents Afternoon
14.05.2019: Warburtons School Visit in class
23.05.2019: Foundation Parents Afternoon - 2.30 - 3.00pm
10.06.2019: Y1 Phonic Screening Check Week
05.07.2019: Sports Day

We do P.E every Monday and Thursday afternoon. Please provide your child with plimsolls if you would like them to change into them for this.


Our class is named after the author Julia Donaldson. She has written some wonderful story books and we will be reading and exploring some of these throughout this year. Some of her books are pictured below...

Welcome to Julia Donaldson class - the Foundation and Year One class!

In class this year you will find Mrs Gleed, Mrs Brooks and Mrs. Sheikh.

Please do not forget about our WOW moments! We really want to celebrate all of your children's achievements so please fill in your WOW moments for us!

Please check this page regularly for information and updates on all of the exciting learning that we are doing in class.

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