GIFT Pupil Chaplaincy

Meet our GIFT Chaplaincy Team

Hello my name is Mikolaj.

I am Polish and English. I love my cat Pasta. I have a sister and my life is nice.

I wanted to be in the chaplaincy group because I wanted to be a good person for other children and make them happy.



Hello my name is Charlotte.

I am in Class 4 and I am 9 years of age. I like RE and I want to learn more about it. I wanted to be part of the chaplaincy team because I want to do jobs to help others. I like being part of our school chaplaincy team.



Hello! My name is Fiacre.

I am a part of the Cathedral School Chaplaincy. I am in Year 6. I am a thoughtful, sensible person who always tries to do what is right.

I love being part of the Pupil Chaplaincy. I can learn to become a better person because we are constantly focusing on following Jesus. The School Chaplaincy is really fun because I can help the people in this school. There are so many things to do. I love to help out and do jobs.



Hello! I’m Billy.

I wanted to be a chaplain because I like RE and I like going to church to altar serve. I enjoy helping out at church and I like meeting the Bishop of Plymouth. I have been at a summer camp at Buckfast Abbey and it was all to do with the church. I like helping the school improve and helping Mr Driscoll with RE in the school.



Hello my name is Lily.

I have a love of all creatures and love being a pupil chaplain because it involves looking after my school and all of the people in the school. I am a Year 5 and being a chaplain means a lot to me.



We also have Logan in our team.

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