Reading, writing and speaking English to a high standard is crucial for all other academic success.

We give these subjects very high priority every day.

The following list of recommended reads will make great Christmas presents and encourage your child to read.



Spelling is incredibly important: it facilitates communication and comprehension. Learning to spell can be tricky for children. Some children learn to spell effortlessly and some take a little longer. To support children in their efforts, learning their spelling must be made fun, enjoyable and interesting. Children only become really good at spelling by practicing over and over again and this is best done in fun and interesting ways. Each week your child is given a spelling list. This list will either consist of words from your child’s year group statutory list, exception words or specific spelling patterns. We realise that learning spelling can seem like a tiresome chore. However, a little creativity can transform the task into a fun and memorable activity and one that the whole family can participate in.  Click on the link below for some great ideas.