At The Cathedral School of St Mary, we understand the importance of physical activity for children. Children who are physically active are likely to experience healthier lives, now and in the future, psychological well-being and are able to learn better. 
We provide the following clubs to keep our pupils active:
  • netball
  • running club
  • gymnastics
  • rugby
  • hockey
We also provide a range of other clubs to provide a variety of experiences for children.  We are currently offering the following;
  • choir
  • recorder club
  • TTRockstars club
At the start of each term, children are given letters asking them which clubs they would like to participate in.  Once these have been returned to school, you will receive a further letter letting you know which clubs your child/children can attend. 
We endeavor to change these clubs throughout the school year to ensure that children have access to a range of activities.