Class 2 Autumn Term 2019

Our theme in Autumn 1 will be...

Topic: Our Local Area

Science: Seasonal Changes (Autumn and Winter)



In Autumn 1 we will begin by looking at place value which will involve counting, sorting and representing numbers. Once we are secure in our understanding of place value we will move onto exploring addition and subtraction of numbers including the use of money to add real life context.


English and DT

Daily Read Write Inc. sessions will continue. To support our topic on Our Local Area we will spend our class English sessions developing our reading and writing skills through units based on a story called ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage. We will then write instructions linked to DT where the children will design, make and evaluate a healthy sandwich.



Our first unit in Autumn 1 is Creation.  During this unit, the children will learn about God as a Creator and our role in protecting His universe. This will be taught through stories of the Old Testament that reveal God entrusting us with His universe. Following that, we will begin a unit on the Sacraments where we will explore what happens during Baptism, Marriage and the Eucharist and their importance in the life of the Church.


Topic, Computing

Our geography topic is Our Local Area. Children will learn about their locality beyond the school gate. Children will explore their local area using first hand observation to enhance their locational awareness along with developing essential map and fieldwork skills.



This term the children will learn about Seasonal Changes (autumn and winter). In this unit the children will learn about the four seasons, with a particular focus on autumn and winter. Children will learn what the word weather means and find out how different types of weather can be measured. Children will observe, measure and record the weather by exploring the signs of autumn and winter through nature and wildlife.



In art children will learn about the work of the local artist Brian Pollard and imitate his style by painting lighthouses.



In Autumn 1 we will be developing games skills through a unit on net and wall games.



Autumn 2019 Newsletter

 Please click on the link below to download our Autumn 2019 Newsletter.