Class 2 Autumn Term 2019

In Autumn 2 we will be learning...

History Topic: The Gunpowder Plot

Science: The Environment



In Autumn 2 we will continue to explore addition and subtraction of numbers including the use of money to add real life context and then move on to multiplication and division.



Daily Read Write Inc. sessions for phonics and reading will continue. For our writing we will begin by reading and exploring different types of poetry and the children will then write their own firework poems. After this we will look at traditional tales and in the final weeks of term we will use The Jolly Christmas Postman to write our own letters and postcards.



We will begin by learning about how Ramadan is a special time of prayer for Muslims. Then we will explore a unit about sacraments. The purpose of this unit is to enable the children to develop their understanding of what a sacrament is. This understanding will be developed through the exploration of what happens during the Sacraments of Baptism, Matrimony and the Eucharist.



During our history topic of The Gunpowder Plot the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of this significant event in British history. The children will increase their awareness of the past by finding out about Guy Fawkes and other significant individuals involved in the plot, such as Robert Catesby and Thomas Percy. They will learn about how bonfire night has been celebrated in Britain since the 1930s which will help to consolidate their knowledge of changes within living memory.



This term in science the children will learn about the environment. They will be introduced to the ecological challenges that face the modern world and undertake a range of activities that challenge them to engage with environmental issues and to understand the simple changes we can make to live more sustainable lives. The children will focus on working scientifically and will undertake different tasks to apply practical scientific methods and skills.


Art and DT

In art children will create firework pictures using different techniques and media.   During DT lessons they will design, make and evaluate a product for the Christmas Fair.



In Autumn 2 we will be developing games skills through a unit on net and wall games.

Our theme in Autumn 1 will be...

Topic: Our Local Area

Science: Seasonal Changes (Autumn and Winter)



In Autumn 1 we will begin by looking at place value which will involve counting, sorting and representing numbers. Once we are secure in our understanding of place value we will move onto exploring addition and subtraction of numbers including the use of money to add real life context.


English and DT

Daily Read Write Inc. sessions will continue. To support our topic on Our Local Area we will spend our class English sessions developing our reading and writing skills through units based on a story called ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage. We will then write instructions linked to DT where the children will design, make and evaluate a healthy sandwich.



Our first unit in Autumn 1 is Creation.  During this unit, the children will learn about God as a Creator and our role in protecting His universe. This will be taught through stories of the Old Testament that reveal God entrusting us with His universe. Following that, we will begin a unit on the Sacraments where we will explore what happens during Baptism, Marriage and the Eucharist and their importance in the life of the Church.


Topic, Computing

Our geography topic is Our Local Area. Children will learn about their locality beyond the school gate. Children will explore their local area using first hand observation to enhance their locational awareness along with developing essential map and fieldwork skills.



This term the children will learn about Seasonal Changes (autumn and winter). In this unit the children will learn about the four seasons, with a particular focus on autumn and winter. Children will learn what the word weather means and find out how different types of weather can be measured. Children will observe, measure and record the weather by exploring the signs of autumn and winter through nature and wildlife.



In art children will learn about the work of the local artist Brian Pollard and imitate his style by painting lighthouses.



In Autumn 1 we will be developing our dance skills with dances based on the autumn.



Autumn 2019 Newsletter

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