Class 1 Summer Term 2019

Our Topic for the
Summer Term is
The Great Outdoors!
The children will continue with their Read Write Inc. sessions. If you have questions about this please let us know. In class we will develop our reading and writing skills through the stories this term of 'Superworm' and 'Supertato' linked to our topic.
We will be continuing to look at efficient methods of addition and subtraction. We will continue developing our confidence in problem solving where we will carefully consider which operation we should use and select the appropriate method.
Our first unit is Pentecost and Mission. During this unit, the children will focus on the promise Jesus made to his apostles to send them the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was sent to enable the apostles to spread the word of God, across the world, uniting all people in one Church. Throughout this unit the children will think about promises they have made or could make that would unite us as one.   
Home Learning 

We expect children to read with parents at least 3 times a week. Please sign so we know you are ready for a new book and we can move your child up our reading chart to earn a Reading Certificate!
Every Monday, the children will be given a list of spellings to practice and will be tested on these the following Monday. 

Every Monday, the children will be given some Maths homework, which is linked to what we are currently learning. They are to return this the following Monday.
Our trip to Mount Edgcumbe!
Our Science this term is all about ‘Minibeasts.’ We will begin the term by planting seeds and making observations of these over the course of the term. We will then turn our attention to exploring minibeasts in our local environment. We will be describing different minibeasts, sorting and classifying and even going on mini beast hunts to see what we can find! We will explore different habitats and even make our own habitat! Linking to computing; we will be using the internet to research a chosen minibeast and create a fact file. 
We will be exploring different types of weather in our immediate environment along with the four seasons - now focusing on Spring and Summer. The children will then have the opportunity to build on this knowledge and will then think about the hot and cold areas of the world and the impact of weather types. Children will have opportunities to observe and record the weather, present their own weather forecasts and make valuable links with Science, Computing, Maths, English and Art.
We are also going to be thinking about food that keeps us healthy and the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet. As part of this, we will be making fruit salads. We will be exploring existing fruit, tasting a variety of different fruits and then designing, making and evaluating our own fruit salad! 
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