Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a highly recommended programme used by many schools nationally including The Cathedral School of St Mary to improve pupils' reading ability. 
Children begin by completing a STAR assessment, which provides us with an accurate reading age for them.  The children then access our library to choose a suitable reading book.  Once children have read the book, they take an online quiz to check their comprehension (have they understood what they have read?)  Their quiz results are monitored regularly to check that they are reading books which provide some level of challenge but are suited to their reading ability. When their teacher is confident that they are achieving consistent, high results (above 85%) they will move to the next level of book.  
Quizzes will be undertaken during school time and STAR assessments will be completed at regular intervals throughout the year. If your child is asked to read the same book on more than one occasion it is because the teacher feels that this is necessary to ensure their understanding of what they have read. 
The AR bookfinder link attached to this page can be used to find books which can be quizzed and the parents' guide can provide you with further information about the program. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or Mrs Berry should you have any further questions. 

Research conducted by the Education Endowment Fund has found that AR has a big impact on pupils reading progress.  Furthermore, it promotes a love of reading which we believe is key for all pupils.  We aim to give pupils a variety of opportunities to read a range of books to promote a love of reading which can last them a life time.