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In Class 5 we support children to develop and master a wide variety of skills in a fun and engaging environment. Above all, we want the children to leave Class 5 as confident, creative, independent, resilient and happy individuals, celebrating their personal strengths and differences - always appreciating that 'God made me as I am!'

Mrs Archer 

STARS OF THE WEEK - Friday 12th January 2018
Henock and Maxwell - for effort
SPRING 1 - 2017/18
In English we will be exploring a range of genres, writing about our Geography topic - 'Volcanoes'.  We will be using figurative language, including similes, metaphors and personification, to describe volcanoes.  We will recount an expedition to a volcano, as a diary extract, and use the information we have gathered to produce a film documentary about volcanoes.  Finally, we will be writing a newspaper article, describing the catastrophic events in the Italian town of Pompeii, in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.
In Maths we will start by exploring the properties of 2D shapes, naming the parts of a circle and calculating angles in polygons.  We will then move on to the 'Generalising Arithmetic' unit, recapping previous learning, and adding formal methods for division.  Our final unit of the term takes us back to fractions.
Our Science unit this half term  is 'Evolution and Inheritance' and we will be applying our knowledge of inherited and adaptive characteristics to our own experience.
In R.E. we will look at 'Revelation' - exploring the different ways in which God is revealed in and through different people, including ourselves.
Our computing focus this term will be on the use of a range of software and hardware, to make a digit film about volcanoes.
In P.E. our focus is Basketball.
Find the missing letter!
Class 5 have been exploring 'Lipograms'.  A Lipogram is a piece of writing where a letter of the alphabet is omitted.  By leaving out a letter, it forces the writer to be more creative with their vocabulary and sentence structures - often with quite humorous results.  Check out one group's version of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.  Can you work out which letter is missing?

One beautiful day, a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood went to meet her grandma, but on the way a wolf wanted to eat her.  However, the girl ran to the home that belonged to her grandma.  When Little Red Riding Hood took a proper look at her grandma, the girl noticed that grandma looked different.  Each ear looked furry and flea-filled.  Each eye looked huge and bulging.  The teeth were yellow, and each looked pointy and dirty.  Then the crazy wolf tried to devour Riding Hood, but the Woodcutter helped her and chopped the wolf up. They all lived happily ever after…except the wolf.

Learning to apply 'Colour Theory' in painting...
Following on from our learning about Blessed Oscar Romeo in RE, we have been designing 'El Salvadorian Crosses of Hope'.  The crosses, which have bold designs featuring nature and biblical characters,  have a striking and unique style.
In our lesson on 'colour theory', we discussed how we can mix the three primary colours of red, blue and green to make secondary and tertiary colours.  We particularly enjoyed mixing the paints to see what colour combinations we could come up with.  After half term, we will paint our crosses, using colours that we have mixed ourselves.  Look out for our bold creations around the school!
We have been learning how scientists classify living things.  It was fun to create our own classification tree, through we which we explored the similarities and differences that enable organisms to be sorted and organised.
NO PENS DAY - 2017
On Friday 6th October, we marked 'No Pens Day' with a variety of practical lessons, aimed at improving communication skills and confidence.
In maths, Year 6 explored Prime Numbers, through different games and challenges, all aimed at helping children to spot those positive integers with only two factors.  In English, we explored Ancient Greek epic poetry, analysing, reciting and acting-out an extract from Homer's 'Illiad'.  Later,  in art, we re-constructed some pottery, deciding what it can tell us about the lives of the Ancient Greeks.
The children enjoyed the alternative school day, and Mrs Archer was only caught using a pen twice - another great day in Class 5.
On Tuesday 3rd October, Class 5 attended a digital film-making workshop, aimed at documenting the 14-18-Now 'Poppies Wave' installation on Plymouth Hoe.  The artwork, which features thousands of ceramic poppies surrounding the Naval War Memorial, is currently touring the UK, marking the centenary of the First World War.
Children learned to plan a news report, and then, using industry-standard equipment, filmed their reports from Plymouth Hoe.
Year 6 - you now have your SATs homework books.  I will ask you to complete specific pages every weekend.  Don't worry if some of it is tricky - we'll go through it together in class.  Just have a go and do your best!
Striving for success
without hard work
is like trying to harvest
where you haven't
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